Fence and Ornamental Iron

From fencing to stair cases and other types of ornamental iron we carry a variety of coatings. Several of our primers and enamels carry rust preventative characteristics that can reduce rusting and pitting. Check out our Quick Set Enamels as well as Polyurethanes for an even longer lasting and durable finish.

We also carry electrostatic enamels. Electrostatic painting is a coating system that can significantly decrease mess and “over-spray”. The science behnd this process uses negative and positive charges to adhere paint to a metal surface. The electrostatic force is so powerful that it can pull the paint around corners, ensuring a smooth, even coat without drip marks.

Preparing Your Fence:

  1. Sand or grind rusted areas
  2. Prime entire piece or spot prime (depending on the severity of rust) with a epoxy rust inhibitive primer, such as our IP-508 Red Oxide Rust Inhibitive Primer
  3. Paint fence with one of our quality paints (enamel,2 parts urethane, electrostatic) designed specifically for metal.