Machinery and Containers

Containers such as waste disposal, or cargo containers need routine matinence. Many of our stock QS Enamels can be used direct to metal without a primer.

Beyond the general appeal of a well kept container for you business, it is important to remember another advantage. By painting your container you are putting another layer of defense between the steel in your container and the elements. This can slow rust development and keep your containers looking new longer.



Preparing your container for painting:

  1. Wash the container.  It has been in some not so clean places, it has sat in muddy yards and has grime and grit on it.  Get the power-washer out and have at it.
  2. Once the container is dry, check out the rust on your container.  If you have a grinder, grind off any heavier rust.  If it is just light surface rust, you can usually keep that.  But remember – the more you prep, the better it looks in the end.  Just be sure to grind right before you paint.


There are 2 schools of thought on this one – to spray or to roll.  Industrial paint sprayers can make the project go quickly and easily.  If you don’t have access to one, you can roll the paint on as well.  We recommend using an industrial, alkyd enamel.  There are also direct to metal and water-based coatings to fit your needs.  Or feel free to call us for a specific recommendation based on your use.