Structural Steel

For use on structural steel we provide both solvent and water-based products. Our High Solid primers can give you the coverage and durability to protect your steel in transit.

When environmental restrictions are a concern our water-based primers can be used as a temporary coating(SSPC 15) for your steel.  These products can be trusted to perform similarly to their solvent counter parts. An important factor to consider when comparing water-based primers is dry time. Intercoastal’s waterborne shop primers are unique because they dry in high humidity and low temperature conditions. For more information on these coatings check out our IPC Waterbook.

Some things to remember when painting Structural Steel:

Sprayers should be clean and in good working order. Clean sprayers prevent dirt and dried paint from coagulating and preventing even coats. It is also important to use the mill thickness recommended by the coating manufacturer. This important detail can make a big difference in avoiding major problems such as peeling later on. The pattern to be followed in applying the paint should make it possible to get a uniform thickness not less than the thickness specified.

Thorough mixing of the paint before it is applied is essential. A mechanical mixer should be used for stirring the paint when required as well.