QS Enamels

 QS (Quick Set) Enamels are faster dry, suitable for speed of production where fast handling is beneficial. These products are usually sprayed or dipped. We offer DTM (Direct to Metal) black semi gloss and satin enamels for ornamental iron fences, burglar bars, security gates and truck beds and chassis. Other versatile QS Enamels are used on everything from tractors, forklifts, trailers, tanks, cranes, oil tools, rental equipment, dumpsters and all kinds of other fabricated steel products. Custom Colors of QS Enamels are available based upon quantity. Contact our sales department for more information.

QS-700 White Gloss Enamel
QS-7005 Pearl Gray Gloss Enamel
QS-7011 ASA Gray Gloss Enamel
QS-702 Unit Rig Gray Enamel
QS-7066 Machine Tool Gary Gloss Enamel
QS-709 Brown Gloss Enamel
QS-7109 Black Semi-Gloss Electrostatic DTM Enamel (Great for ornamental iron)
QS-7112 Safety Blue Gloss Enamel
QS-717 Swift Red DTM Gloss Enamel
QS-7124 National Blue Gloss Enamel
QS-7125 New Cat Yellow Gloss Enamel
 QS-7132 Safety Yellow Gloss Enamel
QS-7135 Waukesha Orange Gloss Enamel
QS-7137 Green Gloss Enamel (Similar to John Deere Green)
QS-7138 Dark Green Gloss Enamel (Similar to Emsco Green)
QS-7140 John Deere Yellow gloss Enamel
QS-7142 Johnston Orange Gloss Enamel
QS-7144 Johnston Blue Gloss Enamel
QS-7145 New Ingersoll Rand beige Gloss Enamel
QS-7149 Case Power Tan Gloss Enamel
QS-7152 Flat Black Enamel
QS-717 International Red Gloss Enamel
QS-7182 Safety Orange Gloss Enamel
QS-741 Black Gloss Enamel
QS-751 Black Satin DTM Enamel (Great for ornamental iron)
QS-799 Black Semi-Gloss DTM Enamel (Great for ornamental iron)
*Custom colors of QS Enamels are available in appropriate quantities. Contact our sales department for more information.