our history



Our late owner and founder, Harvey Angelo, began his career in the paint industry as a salesman in 1955, selling to the metal building industry. Harvey had a unique approach to selling: Understand what the customer needs, and get it to him for a good price. He was well liked and honed a reputation in the coatings industry for his knowledge as well as fair-dealings.

Harvey eventually set out on his own and established Intercoastal Paint Company in January of 1967.  Twenty years later he would meet Tom Ruland, a previous Vice President and Chemist at Cook Coatings, and together they would build Intercoastal Paint into a leading provider of Industrial Coatings for the great state of Texas.

Nearly a decade later, due to increasing environmental concerns, Mr. Ruland developed a Water-Based temporary coating for structural steel. Once Harvey saw the coating possessed the same performance characteristics (weatherability, adhesion,



and protection) as leading solvent paints, he hit the road to sell it. And sell it he did.¬†Intercoastal Paint is sometimes referred to locally as “the water guys”. We take great pride in that name as well as our history and we believe that the best way to honor it is to stay consistent while always searching for ways to improve the performance and price of our products.

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Harvey always stressed quality, service and honesty. He believed that the customer comes first. Today our offices, laboratory and and manufacturing plant are all housed in our original location. Although Harvey is no longer with us, our high standards have not changed. That is why some customers have stayed with us for over 40 years.