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Our manufacturing facility sits across two acres in Houston, TX. Our machinery, warehousing, and laboratory are consistently monitored for safety as well as compliance with all federal and state regulations.

We understand these measures are important for our business and yours. If we’re late on arrival your late on arrival as well. That is why we are committed to keeping our production running as smoothly and efficiently as possible to ensure the timely delivery, and consistent quality of our products to your business.

+Toll Manufacturing
For companies with a great concept but no facility or for those who need to put their resources to areas other than manufacturing, tolling can be an economical option.

After signing a  confidentiality agreement for the protection of your intellectual property, we can use your formula to create a coating based upon your performance requirements and specifications. Of course not all toll arrangements are beneficial to both parties, so an introductory meeting will first be scheduled to discuss your project.

+Stocked Products
The industries we serve function primarily on product reliability and project deadlines. That is why we carry several of our product families in varying shades, at all times in our warehouse.

Whether it’s a gallon or a drum we may be able to accommodate you more quickly than you think, just give us a call! 

+Custom Coating/Small (25-50 gallons) and Large Quantity (330+)Capacity
Because of the variety of our mixer fleet we are able to accommodate small and large special product orders. Depending on the nature and color of your coating we will sometimes require an order minimum.

We will also need a color card or swatch to match your coating. If you have any question or wold like pricing please let us know through our email or call us direct.

+Local Delivery With Purchase Minimum
Our facility is located conveniently between the woodlands and downtown.  We are happy to provide free delivery with a purchase minimum. These quantity minimums are dependent upon your company location. For a map of our delivery area, please scroll down to the end of this page.

If your company appears out of our delivery area and delivery is vital, give us a call. We may be able to work with you to include your company in this service.

+MSDS Preperation
New standardizations codes regarding MSDS will be effective early 2015. Intercoastal Paint has been working to make these transitions  seamless and have already incorporated many of them earlier this year.

We currently authour all of our product MSDS and can offer the same service for your special coating. We are unable to offer this service for any coatings that will not be manufactured in our facility.

+Coating Needs Analysis
If you are having trouble with your current coating, or are unsure what kind of coating would suite your needs, we can help. Our technicians can come out to evaluate any coating failures you may be battling.

Sometimes it may not be the coating itself, but rather it’s simply the wrong coating for the job. There may be environmental factors that need to be considered, or an additional additive that can help you reach your desired result. We have over 40 years experience working with industrial coatings and we can make that experience work for you.

+Specified Quantity Tier and Pallet Discounts
We are happy to offer our customers several types of discounts based on quantity, as well as container:

For a list of our discounts please scroll down to the end of this page.

We may also be able to offer personalized discounts according to your need. Please let us know if you are interested in a personalized quote.


Services overview

Opening over 40 years ago as a local supplier, Intercoastal Paint has grown into being a regional provider, with customers throughout the United States. We have provided quality industrial coatings for Metal Buildings, Ornamental Iron, OEM, Machinery, Equipment, and many other applications. In addition, our technical staff can help you design a customized coating which will meet your individual requirements.

We believe that the continued success of our company rests not only on the quality and competitive pricing of our products, but also on the personal service and the technical assistance that we are able to provide our customers.


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